Are You Hungry?  Eat Your Import! - Faron YoungA very timely song  - "Are You Hungry? Eat Your Import!" is from one of your favorite singers of the past. Faron Young had one of the best voices in the country music business.  This song was recorded in 1982 and was released on the Union label at that time as a single. But the song was ahead of its time. It is now being re-released on a mini-collector CD - 'Buy American' - on the  Showboat Label along with three  other unheard songs - which were also recorded by Faron at that time -  "Back In The Cheatin' Business", "Free" and "Sweet Tennessee". We know you will enjoy hearing Faron's distinctive voice again.

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01 Are You Hungry? Eat Your Import!  [Buy MP3]
02 Back In The Cheatin' Business  [Buy MP3]
03 Free  [Buy MP3]
04 Sweet Tennessee  [Buy MP3]

$9 CD  |  $3.99 MP3 ALBUM