Cowgirl IIThis CD was almost titled "family and friends" because it so describes this project. Good friends like my cutting horse buddies, the distinguished actor Barry Corbin and my old compadre radio hall of famer Bob Kingsley - both of whom added their cowboy voice-overs on "Turn The Herd" and made it very special and loads of fun.
Friends like the multi-talented Rollie Stevens who deserves to be a cowboy singing star for his wonderful talent on "The Mexican Angel" duet. Miss Belinda Gail - her duet performance with me on "The Loan" gives it a whole new perspective and a deeper meaning.
Real cowboy, Dave Stamey loaned me his beautiful song "Buckskin Horse" which first  reminded me of Dale Evan's "Buttermilk," but thinking deeper, it speaks to all women who would love to actually be 'cowgirls' and live the life I'm blessed with.
As to the 'family' part, this CD simply wouldn't exist without them. Mom and Dad have been a lifelong and constant inspiration. Mom's dedication to the craft of songwriting and Dad's dedication to creating the 'product' are amazing. Mom (Liz) wrote 7 of these cuts with Dad (Casey) being the co-writer on "Turn The Herd'.
My daughter Lisa put the whole manufacturing thing together - packaging, pressing and  artwork - via her company And my daughter Melissa for her wonderful harmony on "Ride, Ride, Ride" - didn't know she could do that! And to my beloved Mentor who wrote the beautiful "Bandita". Thank you my love.

Lastly, I must thank Mark Moseley whose genius in his Sound Control studio in Nashville put all the pieces (recordings from 5 states) together into a CD I hope and pray you will love - even if you don't wear the boots and hat! I'm so proud of my family and friends.
-Lynn Anderson
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